PHP Web Services, 2nd Edition

APIs for the Modern Web

作 者:
Lorna Jane Mitchell
日 期:


Whether you’re sharing data between two internal systems or building an API so users can access their data, this practical book provides everything you need to build web service APIs with PHP. Author Lorna Jane Mitchell uses code samples, real-world examples, and advice based on her extensive experience to guide you through the process—from the underlying theory to methods for making your service robust.

PHP is ideally suited for both consuming and creating web services. You’ll learn how to use this language with JSON, XML, and other web service technologies. The second edition has been updated to include even more hands-on examples to apply to your own applications, and new tools and features to reflect changes on the web and updates to PHP.

  • Build web services with PHP and exchange data across applications
  • Explore HTTP, from the request/response cycle to its verbs, headers, and cookies
  • Learn new material on working with and publishing web hooks


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