Software Essentials: Design and Construction

Chapman & Hall/CRC Innovations in Software Engineering and Software Development Series

作 者:
Adair Dingle
日 期:


Winner of a 2015 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award, Software Essentials: Design and Construction explicitly defines and illustrates the basic elements of software design and construction, providing a solid understanding of control flow, abstract data types (ADTs), memory, type relationships, and dynamic behavior. This text evaluates the benefits and overhead of object-oriented design (OOD) and analyzes software design options. With a structured but hands-on approach, the book:

  • Delineates malleable and stable characteristics of software design
  • Explains how to evaluate the short- and long-term costs and benefits of design decisions
  • Compares and contrasts design solutions, such as composition versus inheritance
  • Includes supportive appendices and a glossary of over 200 common terms
  • Covers key topics such as polymorphism, overloading, and more

While extensive examples are given in C# and/or C++, often demonstrating alternative solutions, design―not syntax―remains the focal point of Software Essentials: Design and Construction.


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